Sometimes the Muse fight Back

A weeks worth of mental effort produces, nothing.  Absoultely nothing.

Now, I’m not good at writing to command, or prompt or deadline or whatever.  I know this about myself. In order to attempt to aleviate this issue with some targeted effort, I signed on to take part in an odds and ends challenge.

The blog link can be found here
This week’s prompt is at the top of thge blog roll.

The post detailing it all came originally from Cedar Sanderson (blog:

In hindsight, this might be a little disjointed, but this week’s entry is due in about an hour and a half, (deadlines anybody?), and my  prompt was the music video “Easy Lover” which can be found here:

I have about four starts in this danged thing, three fiction ramblings, and a poem of all things.  But all four failed miserably; they are like that ball of yarn that you started to try to knit into a toque, (it’s -25C here right now), but the whole is so muddled that you can’t tease the line loose.

Thus, my muse is not playing nice, and while engaging and occasionally an Easy Lover, she’s fickle as hell and tempermental to boot.  I can’t keep her under any kind of semblence of control.  

I  know I’m not the only one here that has this kind of trouble with Muses, so all I can say is this:

I’m Sorry for this post, and hopefully next week will be in better format or form.

Until next time  however, all I have is a Muse that decided to mimic my prompt this week.


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