Canada Day with the Duke of Chaos

So, it’s July 1st here in Canada. That’s half-way through the year, almost the hottest part of the year as well. Fishing season is well underway, hunting season is looming on the horizon. Tourist Season is in full swing. This year is a little off.


Crickets you say? What about crickets? Usually at this time of year, hearing crickets is almost impossible. Visiting family is up at the crack of dawn, disturbing everything. Generators at the local camp ground attached to RV’s worth more than I paid for my home, they roar to life replenishing the charges that will keep their wards safe and secure in the vast wild’s of BC.

All in all, I’m an introvert, really. For all my fancy words I don’t want to talk to a real person if I can help it, after I get to know you it’s a whole different story. But our little town here is over-run every summer with the suicidal maniacal and outright dangerous variation of humanity. The vacationer with nothing left to lose, and if they survive their vacation, the tourists go home afterwords.

I saw a Bug’s Bunny cartoon which said the same thing. I don’t really hold anything against vacationers, it’s just frustrating that they come and treat my home like their playground, trash and all.

Reality Sets In

The truth of the matter is however, and this is indicative of my life, life with an amazing extrovert of a wife, and five smallish kids underfoot. I’m writing this post at eleven at night, before I set down to three hours of work that’s due by morning. Life is nothing if not interesting. My writing is under the same time constraints. I write in the cracks of my life.

But the game’s afoot. I’ve registered for Camp Nanowrimo. LINK HERE, hit me up, we’ll be buddies or cabin mates or whatever.


Camp Nanowrimo

[The audience sits stunned in silence, wondering if Dan’s gone off the deep end again]

Yeah, I can do that, I like breaking the fourth wall in some games. More accurately, I can narrate my own circumstances, who’s going to stop me?

*crap, my muse just figured out the combination to his locked cage, gotta run*




Here’s a picture that I just kinda found for the cover and feel of the story I’m running through camp with. Clicking on it will take you to the profile write-up page.

It’s going to be fun. I’ve already figured out the two main protagonists, and there’s some fake science stuff that’s all in place to make it just that much more unbelievable.

What Else?

I am thinking that’s about it for now. I’ve three hours of bookkeeping to do, then a thousand words to push out on a story for Camp (goal this time around is 1,000 words per day, 30 days, for 30,000 words. When added to the fifteen thousand or so I already have, I’ll have a reasonable start to a good book on my hands. Wish me luck and may you be in Heaven half an hour before the devil know’s your dead.


Now without further ado, I have some work to do, a novel to write, a second to finish and edit and some kids to raise.  Sleep is not over-rated, but for the ambitious parents, it’s hard to come by.


I’m gone.

Duke of Chaos.





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