The Halcyon Excursion — Day 1

The Halcyon Excursion — Day 1

Picture of Darkship Chaos, we’ve arrived, encampment is starting to take shape.

Darkship Chaos — Earthdate 130618

Captain’s Log:
08:54 — We arrived at musterpoint Alpha with five minutes to spare. Crew was naturally eager to get aboard and start their tour of duty.

09:45 — Our transit lines were corrupted and making headway was challenging to say the least. It was common to find the Darkship Chaos brought to a standstill. Luckily there was enough slack time in our
schedule to allow the crew to make their training exercises without too much trouble or rush at arrival.

10:30 — Crew trainees made muster and roll call. Training was undertaken. Crew chose to undertake training on advanced
mode with reduced co-efficient of friction. (Started raining as we showed up at Sky Trek.

Despite the significantly enhanced difficulty level four of the crew completed the advanced training levels with a double black rating , one even qualified at triple black.

I was impressed but the results will speak for themselves.

13:30 — True to form as we departed the advanced training centre the Gods smiled down upon us and granted a reprieve.

The next stop was the submersion salt-water training center (aka Revelstoke saltwater pools) whereupon we realized that the required equipment was unavailable, having been loaded onto White high speed express ship (truck with gear headed direct to campsite, towels and swim gear included), so foraging commenced. After locating suitable replacement gear, submersion training commenced.

Once submersion training was underway it almost became a radiant experience, with the very powers of creating shining benevolently upon us. (rain stopped, sun came out)

Such a reprieve was not to last however. The heavens opened up on us as we were trying to establish base camp at the remote site.

As is the true nature of a training exercise, things are missing, nothing goes right and everything happens for a reason. Usually that reason is failure to plan and lack of experience or judgement.

Trainee Crew seem to have forgotten some essentials, hammers, tarps, hatchets, matches, etc, etc. So, to the rescue is Captain of Darkship Chaos, me, the Duke of Chaos.

Eventually we got everyone set up, and some form of dinner into the trainee crew. The five of them were ready for sacktime by the the heavens faded to starscape. But this evening and tomorrow are for another post.

Duke of Chaos, captain of Darkship Chaos. En route to Halcyon Reach.

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